Time for art again… finally!

candle-clockOctober is my busiest time of year.  It’s downright hectic, and the season seems to expand every year.

I suppose that I should explain:  I write nonfiction under a pen name, and it includes themes that relate to Halloween.  I generally keep that writing very separate from the rest of my life.

This year, media attention and public appearances started in mid-August.  It extended to the middle of November.

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m a very private person.  It’s not easy for me to gather the energy necessary to appear in public.  It’s not the public speaking… it’s the attention.  There’s a reason why I used to hide behind my long hair in high school; I’m very, very shy.

But, as an author, personal appearances and media interviews are part of my job description.  So, about three months of the year, I do my best to act like an extrovert.

Yes, I suppose that my life is interesting, but I’d rather inspire others to live their own interesting lives than share the details of mine.

This situation is sort of ambivalence on steroids.

Anyway, the busy season has concluded… just in time to start the holiday whirlwind! *LOL*

Seriously, I have two paintings in progress.  One is for a client, and another is for some friends.  Both are huge (for me, anyway) and in the style of my “three trees” painting.  That is, they look like pastel paintings, but with more intense colors and texture.

I’m very pleased with them.

I’ll post photos when I have time.  Right now, I’m reorganizing my studio so the Halloween-related materials are in storage and I have space for my art, and a sense of focus again!

(Note: The photos related to this article aren’t mine.  The one on the “News” page is a picture of Ireland, near Galway.  The clock, flowers & candle photo is also by someone else.  Both pictures came from stock.xchng, which I like for mood photos to illustrate my posts.)

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